About us

We are a real estate developer and we specialize in housing. We believe in people, innovation and excellent design.

Since the creation of our company in 2000, through continuous learning and passion for what we do, we have managed to create the foundation that differentiate us from our competitors.

We assure success through customer satisfaction, with the collaboration and integral development of our employees, contractors, external consultants and supliers.

How do we do it?

We are proud to be involved in the development of each project. We are an essential part of the entire process from the aquisition of land, project design, construction and delivery of finished spaces to the customer.

In IDEA we know that our actions affect the immediate environment, this is why we care about the relationship of our developments at urban level in order to improve life as much as possible within the community where they are built.

We are concerned about the environment and believe in recycling, reforestation and the efficient use of resources.

We find the best solutions to problems with our customers, employees and the community.